February 14th in nearly upon us once more and here at The Flower Emporium we are gearing up for yet another busy Valentine’s Day, delivering beautifully designed floral arrangements and hand tied bouquets throughout Stockport and Manchester.

But what do Valentines’ Flowers mean to you?? ! 12 lusciously velvet textured long stem red Roses?? A simple yet quirky hand tied bouquet of vibrant red tulips?? Or the romantic gesture of a single red rose??

Why not break the mould, perhaps 12 truly elegant Ivory Avalanche roses, this is a firm favourite at the flower emporium, a bloom which overshadows other white roses such as Akito. In our opinion one of the most glorious roses to be found, it has an amazing vase life and to me this rose is like a piece of living art, watching it develop every day until it’s finally in full bloom. It has a blousy texture with petal after petal of pure beauty.

Pink roses provide an alternative romantic touch on Valentine’s Day and with such a vast choice it’s sometimes difficult for us to choose a firm favourite. Heaven with its candy pink colour and perfectly shaped head, Aqua is more of a cerise colour, but we find this particular rose tends to be stronger as a flower in terms of its longevity during the summer months. I’ve already mentioned Avalanche and its voluptuous sized head, for this shape and size in pink shades we would suggest Sweet Avalanche or Sweet Dolomiti, both much paler in tone and with an almost vintage rose feel.

Red roses are of course synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and we usually offer 2 options at The Flower Emporium. Freedom and Red Naomi. Both of these Valentine’s Day roses have amazing vase life, but in terms of cost difference it enables us to offer price points to fit all budgets.

There is no written rule that your Valentine Bouquet should have roses, the flowers of course, should reflect, you and your lovers taste. At The Flower Emporium we make sure our Valentine Collection covers all options from the elegant choice of long stem red roses, a romantic twist on a contemporary tropical handtied bouquet, through to the rustic charm of spring boxed hand tied bouquet. All of our designs are carefully packaged and gift wrapped to perfection, an aqua bubble or water wrap as it’s sometimes referred to, is essential to ensure maximum hydration of your Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

Good aftercare is always imperative to ensure you get the most out of your valentine day flowers. We provide a sachet of flower food with every order, although I often get confused as to why it is referred to as flower food. It is simply a cleaning agent for the water, and there is no better way to get the optimum vase life by keeping the water clean and changing on a 2 day cycle. Re-cutting the stems on an angle also helps. Never cut the stem horizontally, this is due the fact that if the stem is sitting straight to the bottom of the vase the flower may not be able to drink. Whilst cutting on a slant will ensure a larger cut area in the stem and no matter what way it sits in the vase, with a point or tip it will happily drink. Trust me your roses will thank you for it!

The saying goes ‘The early bird that catches the worm’ and in terms of Valentine’s Day flower deliveries, this most certainly is the case. At The Flower Emporium we ensure the orders are processed and delivered in the order they arrive. Valentine’s Day flower deliveries throughout Stockport and Manchester, covers such a large area. To enable us to do this we will have 3 delivery teams. I use the word team, as wherever possible we have 2 assistants per vehicle, a driver and a navigator. 10 years of experience has proven that this is by far the quickest way to ensure all of your gorgeous Valentine’s Day bouquets are delivered in a timely manner. Delivery charges are usually slightly higher than normal but this of course is an economy of scale due the increased numbers of drivers required to fulfil such a military operation. Locally within the SK4 postcode will not increase from our standard fee of £4.50, all other areas and postcodes will be £5.95, still much better value than relay service charges such at Interflora varying between £7.95 & £9.95. But hurry up, the early bird gets delivered first!!

We love playing about with variations on colour combinations for wrapping our collections of Valentine’s Day bouquets. Black, cerise, pink and cream all feature heavily, but of course lets not forget the all-important red or claret.

Our Valentine’s Day bouquets start at £25, this will include at least one red rose, for a more luxurious choice why not choose the £40 option which will be coordinated beautifully in every way possible, from the unusual foliage such as ruby cordline, fillers such as alstromelia through to luxury giftwrap lovingly showcasing your sweethearts Valentine’s gift, the £40 options will also include a mini mum of 3 red roses.

Full price guide as follows –

12 Red roses (freedom) -£45.00
Incl. mixed foliage
6 Red Roses (freedom) – £30.00
Incl. mixed foliage and berries
12 Red roses (Red Naomi) – £75.00
Incl. mixed foliage, palms, berries, deluxe wrapping

Single rose gift bag – £5
Single Red Naomi rose in box – £7.50
Single red Naomi in deluxe box – £15

Mixed handtied incl. 3 roses – £45.00
Mixed handtied incl. 1 rose – £25.00
Red or White Tulip handtied from – £25.00
*(prices are subject to change)

One thing for sure is that we look forward to wowing your loved one with our glorious portfolio of Valentine’s Day Bouquet. but for now on the 14th January it’s time for us to start preparing the wrapping, Fluffing the bows and constructing the handtied boxes required for the 150 plus bouquets we will have to produce in just the 48 hours available to us on the prior to February 14th!!!

Fabulous valentine days bouquets hand delivered throughout Stockport & Manchester.