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Oliver the Duck


With his big orange beak and cute fluffy feathers, Oliver the Duck is cute as cute can be. He’s part of the All Creatures Farm Collection, which is full of friendly familiar farmyard faces. All Creatures pay special attention to the small details with their toys, so that each one feels unique and special. Each toy in the All Creatures collection is filled with hundreds of tiny beans, so that it’s the perfect weight and feel for giving great hugs. Made from amazing quality, beautifully soft materials and hand finished for the best quality.

All Creatures love animals, so each of their toys comes with its own fun and interesting ‘Did you know?’ fact, so you can get to know Oliver even more when he arrives at home with you.

Oliver the Duck is available as a small keyring / bag charm (15cm) and as a medium sized soft toy (20cm).

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Medium (20cm), Keyring (15cm)