Mother’s Day; it’s all about the flowers!!

Mother’s Day flowers, a brief history. Doesn’t your mum deserve the best this Mothering Sunday? Bouquets delivered throughout Stockport & Manchester

After a hugely successful Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start the big preparations for the busiest event in the floristry calendar – Mother’s Day. As a busy florist, based in Stockport and south Manchester, we often hear customers comment that 14th February must be our busiest event, and, although Valentine’s is a truly eventful day, Mother’s Days outweighs this by far.

Why is that? Simple really; not everyone has a lover, but all, at some point, have had a mother or mother-figure. Flowers orders on Mother’s Day can often come in multiple remits. For example, the husband buys flowers for his wife from the children, for his own mother, not forgetting his mother-in-law! We do from time the time receive multiple Valentine’s Day orders, perhaps from a young Romeo, but those details we of course keep sworn to secrecy!!!
So Mother’s Day, or should that be ‘Mothering Sunday’?

Mother’s Day, strictly speaking, is an American term and, since the Americans have only been celebrating this event since early in the 20th century, I feel we Brits perhaps need to take a step back in time to understand the celebration of motherhood a little bit more. Mothering Sunday is a Christian celebration and falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent (therefore answering the question as to why the date changes annually). Back in the 16th century, Sunday was always a day of observant worship, and most would worship at their ‘daughter church’.

It was considered important to visit their home or ‘mother’ church or cathedral once a year, and it is therefore believed that the term ‘Mothering Sunday’ derives from this very fact. Many centuries ago, children as young at aged ten were sent off to work as domestic servants and historians believe this annual visit to their ‘Mother’ church, and the resulting family reunion, is where the tradition of Mothering Sunday began.

Hence, Mothering Sunday or ‘Mother’s Day’ as it is more commonly referred to nowadays (I guess we have our friends across the pond to thank for that) but we should perhaps try to remember the history behind this celebration.

After all, we are celebrating probably the most important female influence in our life, saying ‘thanks’ for all those Sunday roasts, taking the time to appreciate the lack of dirty socks on the bedroom floor whilst growing up (although maybe that’s just the boys) and for all of the other millions of tasks performed during our growing years.

But why flowers?

It is believed that the working children returning home for the annual visit to the ‘mother’ church would pick wild flowers, such as daffodils and violets as a gift for their own mother. So there really can be no more traditional Mother’s Day gift than a beautiful bouquet of flowers designed and prepared by your local florist.

At The Flower Emporium, we love the diverse range available for your Mother’s Day flowers. Valentine’s Day flowers are mostly about the romanticism of roses in tones of red and other shades closely set on the colour wheel. With Mother’s Day, the choice is endless. I guess it’s what’s important you and your mum. Is her delight the rustic charm of a colourful seasonal spring bunch, consisting of tulips, highly scented hyacinth and the rose-like charm of ranunculas? Maybe it has to be all about the pretty colour combination of rose pinks and lilac, including soft touches such as roses, lisianthus and delicately scented freesias? The choices are endless; should it be a stylish, structured, modern, tropical hand-tied bouquet, or the simplicity of pure whites combined with lime greens? Whatever your choice, here at The Flower Emporium in Heaton Moor we are happy to guide you through our extensive range to ensure your mum receives a Mother’s Day bouquet which will warm her heart this Mothering Sunday.

Mother’s Day floral gifts can also be extremely varied in terms of design. Handtied bouquets are by far the most popular item we provide, each design beautifully gift-wrapped in colour co-ordinated cellophane and tissue. For maximum freshness, all of our bouquets are aqua-packed and delivered in either a gift box or stylish gift bag.

Maybe consider a design in floral foam (Oasis) such as a basket arrangement or pretty posy? Both of these tend to be of a more traditional item, perhaps suitable for grandma. Obviously, at The Flower Emporium we like to design such items with a modern spin, taking foliage such as aspidistra or ruby cordyline and restructuring its natural form with loops and folds using leaf manipulation.

Floral foam does not only lend itself to traditional designs; far from it. If you look at contract flower arrangements provided to salons, restaurants and reception areas, most of these eye-catching designs will have been carefully thought out, using floral foam to arrange the stems. With that in mind why not decide upon a modern, structured arrangement for your mum, perhaps in a funky container to make an eye-catching design.

Plants and planted arrangements are also hugely popular from our Mother’s Day collection.

At The Flower Emporium, we stock a wide selection of other gifts, including jewellery from Enhance Accessories, body products from the ever-so popular Cath Kidston, and Bomb Cosmetics. You may prefer to opt for a gift of luxurious creams and bath time treats, but add a small plant for mum to enjoy for weeks to come.

Hand-tied bouquets start from £25, basket arrangements from £30 and for a modern structured arrangement, we would recommend a starting price of £35. All items are subject delivery charge.

One thing is for sure, the Mother’s Day season is a huge event, and there is no truer statement than ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Each and every order we receive is placed in chronological order, so there will be no queue jumping from the 4pm Saturday afternoon crew!! There’s no time like the present to contact our helpful team and discuss your order requirements.